Gelatin Fruit Snacks

I originally posted this story on social media, and the response was overwhelming! After numerous requests for the recipe, I decided to share it as one of the first posts on my new blog. Enjoy!

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I used some gorgeous strawberries I found at the farmer’s market to make one of the Ottobot’s favorite healthy treats. These gelatin fruit snacks are full of goodies like natural protein, fresh fruit, healthy fats, and raw local honey. Peaches also make a delicious ingredient, but avoid pineapples, as they include an enzyme that will keep the gelatin from working (learn from my mishaps…).

I used lemon juice to add a bit of tart flavor, but lemon essential oil could also be used. (I do not know the equivalent amount, though.) For the unflavored gelatin, my preferred brand is Great Lakes (affiliate link), which I order on Amazon. You can also buy unflavored gelatin from the grocery store, but I haven’t personally had any success with the brands I’ve tried there.

To add some good fats and a creamy flavor, I use canned coconut milk. I generally just buy the cheapest brand at the grocery store, but you can also order on Amazon (affiliate link).

I am picky about my sweeteners, and almost never use processed sugar. Instead, I use natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, and occasionally I break out some sorghum syrup I bought in the Smoky Mountains a few years ago. This time, I was out of syrup, so I actually used sorghum. (If you do this, you’ll need much less than 1/4 cup – probably only a tablespoon or 2.) You can usually find syrup by the other natural sweeteners in the grocery store, but if you have trouble finding it, you can always order some online (affiliate link).

I make half of them in some fun silicone molds (affiliate link), which the bot loves – especially the dinosaurs – and the rest just go in a casserole dish to be fixed up when done.

Gelatin Fruit Snacks

  • Servings: 10-12
  • Difficulty: easy
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Natural gelatin fruit snacks


Items Needed:


Heat pureed strawberries on stovetop on low heat until they are warmed, NOT hot. Add and mix honey. (If the mixture is too hot or boiling when you add the honey, it kills some of the microbial benefits of the raw honey.) If you are using an immersion blender, add 7 tbs gelatin to pot, making sure to blend immediately (I usually pour as it’s blending.). Continue blending until all lumps are gone. Pour mixture into HALF (You’ll be adding the coconut mixture or “cream” to the other half.) of the silicone molds or casserole dish. (I usually end up using a combo of both.) It helps to place silicone molds on a baking sheet first for ease of transfer to the fridge. To pour, I transfer to a liquid measuring cup first. Refrigerate for 15-30 min, or until firm. You can also use the freezer to speed things up a bit.

Next, heat coconut milk, vanilla extract, and maple syrup on low heat until warmed (not hot). Perform the same steps as the strawberry mixture, adding remaining 6 tbs of gelaton and ensuring all lumps have been smoothed out. Pour mixture onto the firm strawberry mixture and refrigerate 15-30 more minutes until firm.

Remove from the fridge, pop the snacks out of the mold or remove them from your casserole dish by flipping and dicing. Refrigerate to store.


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